My Vision of Japan

The photographic work of Francesco Serafini has for many years been focused on Japan and especially on its capital Tokyo. A

metropolis of 13 million inhabitants that Francesco knew almost by accident. Numerous discovery trips followed, which gradually

made it possible for him to discover his many facets. A city in perpetual evolution lends itself only with difficulty to be fixed on

glossy paper. Faced with this challenge, F.S. continues to return to Tokyo to photograph this city which he considers his ‘muse’. 

His training as a reporter led him to move naturally towards a snapshot concept, with the desire to pick up the fleeting moment and

transcribe that legend that defined photographers as soul thieves. So accustomed to seeing the clichés of the land of the rising sun

under dominant tones, one often forgets the person who, by his presence, makes the landscape real. This is why Francesco wanted

to remove all color from his photos, a way for him to strip them of all artifice. The choice of black and white was therefore an imposed

choice, but a very contrasting black and white which gives an impression of relief, as if the characters came to life before your eyes.


      The  29th of August 2017 on the « PointCulture of the ULB« .


      The 9th of May 2017 on the « Japanese Cultural Center » on the presence of the Prince Laurent of Belgium.